Studia Mediterranea

Terror of Acceptance: Mass-Murders and Political Dystopia

Leo Rafolt

Research Article
Accepted: Jan 23 2020

The paper offers a comparative analysis of Franco Berardi Bifo’s treatise on modern terrorism (Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide, 2015) and its (semio)capitalist background on one side and Montažstroj’s theatrical performance, inspired by a half-documentary fiction novel Jugend Ohne Gott (1937) by Ödön von Horváth, on the other. Employing some of the contemporary theoretical insights on violence and terror in modern society, Montažstroj’s performance is thus interpreted in the context of recent theories of globalization – and its prevalent communication and circulation of capital paradigms – as well as in the light of Breivik’s Darwinist and anti-Marxist manifesto.

globalization, terrorism, fear, Breivik, Montažstroj, Ödön von Horváth