Portait de l’hétérotopie en artiste

Juxtaposition, fragmentation, discontinuité – passage(s) d’un espace à un autre. L’œuvre d’art comme dispositif hétérotopique ?

Alexandre Melay

Research Article
Accepted: Oct 23 2021


From the concept of heterotopia, and in the light of a personal artistic practice, this article proposes an investigation of space and place, of the passage from one space to another which makes it possible to rewrite the world in new other space. As an artist-researcher, my artistic production revolves around hybrid objects, paintings-objects, assemblages-simulacra, and narrative ready-mades, which explore various hanging systems, from the base integrated into the work, to suspension, up to being displayed on the floor or on the wall. A protean work which is characterized by the production of spaces that could be qualified as heterotopic, since each of the works invites a distancing and a heterotopic experience, like each installation forms a discontinuous space, a place welcoming events and reflections: spaces for autonomous experiences. Also, artwork and installation devices can be understood as “other spaces,” since the representation of space necessarily generates the question of heterotopia, through the notion of juxtaposition, fragmentation, and discontinuity: the essential characteristics of visual arts language.

Artistic practice, artwork, heterotopic device, multiplicity, rectangle space.