Hétérotopies du féminin

Les hétérotopies perturbatrices : expositions artistiques du sang genré de la menstruation dans les musées.

Rezvan Zandieh

Research Article
Accepted: Oct 23 2021


Since Menstruationsfilm (1966-67), the pivotal work of Valie Export, many contemporary artistic creations highlight the menstrual value of “gendered blood,” to use the term of Mary Jane Lupton in Menstruation and Psychoanalysis (1993: 3). In the form of painting, performance, installation and video, these creations apply “menstrual blood” in a feminist context, as was the case with the first works made with this type of blood. This article will focus on the crucial link between these works and the concept of heterotopia. On the one hand, we will show in what sense these works can constitute heterotopias and/or how they integrate this concept of by their subversive dimension. On the other hand, we will seek to understand how these works contribute to the extension of heterotopias, both in mental spaces, than in those of the real in our time

heterotopia, menstrual blood, gendered space, museum, feminist art.