Vol. One / Issues 1-2 (2019)

Cross-Cultural Studies Review

A journal for comparative studies of culture, literature, and the arts

ISSN 2671-065X

Cross-Cultural Studies Review

Impressum and Table of content

Cross–Cultural Korea

The Village Tutelary Deities as a Cultural and Axiological Symbol in Korea and Romania

Kim Jeong Hwan

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.1

Cross–Cultural Korea

Weddings in Korea and Ukraine

Sogu Hong

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.2

Cross–Cultural Korea

Consonantal Structures in Phonetics and Phonology: Cases from Slavic languages

Yong Heo

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.3

Speculating Worlds

Readability Thresholds Xenography and Speculative Fiction

Luka Bekavac

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.4

Speculating Worlds

Structure and Resistance in Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge

Stipe Grgas

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.6

Speculating Worlds

To Unsee the Sea: Modern Refugees on Screen

Paula Jurišić

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.7

Studia Mediterranea

Brutal Highlanders and Crooked Seasiders: Two Opposing Mediterranean Literary Archetypes

Inoslav Bešker

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.8


Noise / Network

Luka Bekavac

DOI – https://doi.org/10.38003/ccsr.1.1-2.9