Hétérotopies de l’enfance

Les imbéciles de Jerome Avenue : hétérotopie et récit de soi dans l’œuvre de Jerome Charyn.

Michaëla Cogan

Research Article
Accepted: Oct 23 2021


This article explores the specific role of heterotopia in a literary context as a place located in-between reality and fiction, specifically in the light of the autofictional play at work in Charyn’s writing. As both a spatial landmark and imaginary background of a reinvented world, the Bronx intersects both fact and creation. This subjective cartography brings Charyn to reposition different possible first persons along a complex spectrum. Like Jerome Avenue, which cuts Charyn’s former borough in half, the line separating history and story is not wholly uncrossable, but rather a threshold to an affective mode of speech based on idiosyncrasy.

Bronx, autofiction, idiocy, subjective cartography, heterotopia